My Birthday Trip

August 2015

This idea came up out of sudden when me and my friends having chit chat on whats app, a few months before my birthday. I was so excited because I’ve never had one before. My birthday happened to be on Saturday, so we’re on leave on Friday and doing the trip until Sunday. It’s really really a short trip but I’m OK with that as long as ย I’m away on birthday ๐Ÿ™‚

We’ve been friends for a few years and been planning to have a trip together since then, and finally we made it, on my birthday ๐Ÿ™‚ All the itinerary was handled by the boys, so I just go along wherever they ask me to. Pengennya sih belanja kesana kemari tapi berhubung travel mate nya para lelaki jadi ngikut aja deh…

We finally arrived on Friday afternoon at Kuala Lumpur. Our first thing to do is taking picture in front of the twin tower. Since one of my friend will have a different schedule in the next two days, it’s the only time we could visit twin tower at the same time. Apparently, the F1 race was happening around KL so we could hear the sounds of the engine, it was so noisy! We should shout when we talk. Kalo biasanya F1 main di sirkuit Sepang, saat itu sirkuitnya adalah main road di jantung kota Kuala Lumpur. Kebayangnya lebih susah karena jalanannya berbelok-belok. Ternyata seperti itu rasanya denger langsung suara-suara mobil yang berkejar-kejaran. Ga keliatan mobilnya (saking cepetnya mereka bergerak) tapi suaranya ga ilang-ilang.

Touch down KL!

We trying to stay for a while, waiting for the car to pass us by, but it’s too hot to stand near the area, we can’t stand it, so we’re better to go inside the mall, ngadem. Next thing to do is heading to Puduraya bus station cause we’re already booked the hotel at Malacca. I never been there before, so I’m curious about it. Compare to any bus station in Indonesia, Puduraya looks much better. It’s clean, big, well arrangement, good signage so we wouldn’t get lost. The cost for the bus is around 12 RM, and the trip took about 2-3 hours.

Malacca bus station is much smaller than Puduraya. We’re using the bus to get to the hotel. We stayed near Jonker street, the famous place where we can see the crowd. The hotel was quite small, nothing fancy about it but one thing I remember the most is the receptionist. He is an Indian, a handsome one and have a great posture. In Malacca he works as a receptionist, but if he came to Indonesia, I bet a lot of producer would ask him to become an actor for soap opera and he’ll be rich and famous in a glance ๐Ÿ™‚

Spent the night at Malacca
Malaka river at night
Henna tattoo at night market

Malacca is a historical city that’s why UNESCO made them as a world heritage sites. I can see from the building that we passed which has an old style design. We also visit the Malacca river and enjoying walking the side of the river while passing a lot of restaurant with the tables next to the river. Good ambiance for having a drink and talking randomly a.k.a ngacapruk sampe pagi. The lights along the river makes it such a romantic evening. Since I love henna very much, so it’s a mandatory to get one every time I found the artisan tattoo. I couldn’t have a real tattoo, so my only option is having henna on my hand for a few days, itu aja udah bikin saya happy kok ๐Ÿ™‚

We’ve been caught by the rain, nowhere to go and starving, so we just keep running to find some food at midnight and back to the hotel to get some sleep for a few hours cause we have to catch another bus to Singapore on the next day.

Early in the morning we try to find a bus that will take us to the bus station. Along the way I’m enjoying the view cause what I see last night seems differently in the morning. I also saw the long queue in front of the building, I think it’s a coffee place or a place where you can get your breakfast, I’m curious about it. I wish I have the time, I’ll stand in line too. Too bad I have a bus to catch, maybe next time.

the red square

The bus from Malacca to Singapore took 3-4 hours depend on the situation. Our trip was longer since we got a slight problem in the immigration border which make us should take another bus to the pool. We forgot to get a Singapore map so when we off the bus we’re don’t know which way to go to get to the hotel. Hoping for a wi-fi connection so we could use the google maps but we couldn’t found one. So, back to the old way, asking random people and finally we found our hotel in Arab street area. Another friend will join the trip and she’s been waiting for us at the hotel.

After cooling down for a while, the four of us start to get on the road. We’re having lunch at Kampong Glam, it’s so cheap that’s why the place always full of people time to time. Then we’re heading to see the Henderson waves, the highest pedestrian bridge in Singapore. They said, it’s the best place to watch the sunset. Hmmm..interesting! We’re taking MRT and the bus to get there. Unfortunately we’ve spent too much time to get there and we got there in the dark. Too bad. Padahal tempatnya keren buat liat sunset. Lumayan effort juga untuk sampe ke lokasi karena mesti naik puluhan anak tangga. Ok next time I came here, it’s definitely on my wish list.

The night still young, we don’t want go back to the hotel yet, so we decide to go to one more destination before we call it a night. We split into two teams, one team go to Singapore flyer and my team go to Garden by the bay. Although I feel extremely exhausted but I really want to see it, so I’m dragging myself there.

Garden by the bay was really beautiful at night, the lights and the music was nice, lots of people seems enjoying it but not me. Too tired to enjoy it. The camera was running out of the batteries and my camera phone couldn’t get a good photo, lagian ni muka udah ga karuan, pasti fotonya ga akan bagus. Haha. So, I’m taking moment untuk mengumpulkan sisa-sisa tenaga yang ada untuk bisa balik ke hotel. All I want is my bed!!! Beginilah jadinya ketika punya cuma waktu sekejap tapi pengen semua didatengin. Secara anaknya ga mau rugi juga. Hehe.

I even too tired to sleep but finally manage my self to check out from the hotel early in the morning, having another bus to catch to go back to KL since our flight home departed from KLIA. It was such a long road to go back home, but having a quick meet up with an old friend before the flight just made my day.ย Best part nya sih, saya berhasil membawa gembolan VNC hasil perburuan hanya dalam beberapa menit before we’re checking in. Yeay! Mission accomplished! Then I can go home peacefully ๐Ÿ™‚

Happy birthday to me! Thank you guys for having this special trip with me, looking forward to have another one. XOXO

Birthday gift for my self ๐Ÿ™‚

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