Another trip to Bangkok

November 2015

There’s always new experiences every time I’m having trip abroad, padahal negara yg didatengin itu-itu lagi. Trip kali ini ga kalah serunya sama trip-trip sebelumnya. This trip suppose to be with a travel partner, but due to a problem with his passport so I’m going solo on last minute. Eh tapi ga sendirian banget sih karena di kota tujuan kebetulan ada kakak saya yang juga lagi liburan. Jadilah saya ganti itinerary. Agenda yang awalnya super padat jadi berubah super santai..bahkan bingung cari destination lainnya. Let’s see where the wind take me to 🙂

Bangkok,here i come!!!

Yup,this is my second trip to bangkok. I spent almost the whole day to get to the city where you will get confused to read the sign since they have an unique alphabet. Berawal dari travel ke airport selama 3 jam, menunggu, kemudian flight selama 3 jam, kebetulan dapet seat persis sebelah jendela. Sebenernya seat ini yang paling dihindari karena tiap-tiap nengok ke jendela yang ada pusing banget. You know what, I watched the sunset from the top, the most beautiful scenery I ever had. Sempet mencoba motret moment itu pake kamera, tapi setelah diliat lagi hasilnya ga semegah sama apa yang terekam sama mata. Hey saya berhasil melihat apa yang ada di luar jendela tanpa merasa sakit kepala! Thanks God!! Justru malah enjoy dan ga berhenti menatap langit.

This time landing di airport Don Mueang (DMK) yang jauh lebih kecil, langit-langitnya pendek jadi kesannya ga wah. Sambil ngantri imigrasi saya coba cek apa ada wifi gratisan kah disana?hehe..ternyata yang terdetect banyak tapi mengharuskan username dan password gitu. Hufft.

Finish with the immigration, saya berhasil menemukan bus A1 yang akan membawa saya ke terminal BTS terdekat. Saya iseng cek handphone dan hey ternyata ada wifi dalam busnya, cool! Tapi..tapi..damn it, pas mau login tiba-tiba tampilan di layar handphone berubah jadi huruf cacing semua!!Mana gw paham???huhu..walau udh coba-coba klik ini itu sayangnya gagal mulu. Ya udah deh mungkin saatnya menikmati waktu liburan tanpa gadget. Better to pay attention sama jalan yang dilewatin karena nanti pas pulang kan bakal ngelewatin jalur yang sama, who know it’ll help.

Fifteen minutes later turun dari bus A1(cuma bayar 30 baht) terus nyambung pake BTS dari station Mo Chit sampe BTS national stadium deket hotel, Chao Hostel. Walau perlu adaptasi lagi sama cara beli tiket BTS, baca peta, pindah jalur etc akhirnya berhasil sampe di hostel dengan utuh. Begitu nyampe hotel, I’m so happy to be there. Gimana engga, selain lokasi yang di tengah kota, deket sama akses BTS, they have a very unique interior design. Sambil nunggu cek data saat check in, mata saya menyapu semua ruang yang ada disitu dan merasa amazing. Baru kali ini booking hotel online dan ngerasa super puas. I’m extremely happy to see the hotel which is much much better than the photos! Definitely going to be here again whenever I go to Bangkok in the future.

The receptionist is super friendly and their English is really clear even she’s a Thai, unlike the other Thai that I met on the street. She show me the way to the dorm and when I open the door the happiness is just keep increasing. Even they only have 6 beds but I love the rooms, still have the privacy and we don’t have to worry about the luggage, it will be safe under the bed.  I saw 4 of the beds are already occupied, so I choose the empty one. The room was empty but 5 minutes later the other guest were coming. It’s an usual question when we first time meet with other guest, asking name and the country where we come from. Guess what, the 6th guest in the room turns out Indonesian and a Moslem as well! Yeay…perfect! Instantly we feel like a friend even we just met. I don’t mean to be racist, but came from the same country and share the same religion means we have a similar rules about the food, no pork! Also she’ll understand when I pray in the room. It will be a different story if she’s not a Moslem. I wouldn’t know how their feeling about me praying in the room. I just don’t wanna make other people uncomfortable with what I do.

Having a company for a meal in the first night you’re arrived at other country is really nice. No matter what we eat it’s more important that you’re not alone. While we’re going out, we’re exchange some information and our plan during in Bangkok. She’s been in Bangkok quite a few times and giving me some tips to find halal food. Lucky me to meet her at that time. Turns out we were on the same fight before and going to go back to Indonesia on the same day but different flight. So we might gonna have another dinner again.Funny story, her cousin is my neighbor! What a small world.

First day in Bangkok – everything is under control and beyond expectation. Let’s get ready for the second day.

Second day

So excited in the morning, having a free breakfast at the hotel then starting to explore the city by myself before I met with my brother. I decide to visit Wat Arun using the boat, should be cheap but I took the wrong boat. Unfortunately the temple is still under construction so we only allow to visit limited area. Not like what I expected. Then I try their local costume and taking picture in front of the temple.  Then I continue my journey to Chatuchak Market. I supposed to meet my brother&sister in law at the exit gate of the BTS station at 1 PM.  Both of us were not having a local number connection, we decide to hanging our life through wifi connection only. So, finger crossed mudah-mudahan bisa ketemu sesuai di spot sesuai perjanjian malam sebelumnya.Gambling banget, tapi untungnya ketemu. Barulah setelah itupun kita barengan ke Chatuchak, makan siang dulu sebelum berburu dan kemudian mencar sesuai dengan minat masing-masing selama beberapa jam dan kembali ke titik awal untuk kemudian melanjutkan perjalanan lagi bersama.

wat arun under construction

After Chatuchak, we’re heading to Asiatique, one of famous destination for the tourist. Using the boat from the small pier for free even though we have to queue for quite a long time. We’re having a nice dinner at Indian’s Restaurant since it’s the only halal restaurant that we could find, then having a thai massage after a long day, a nice way to end the day. But spending too much time at asiatique made us couldn’t catch the last boat to the pier, so we have to use taxi to the hotel. The taxi is so loud, playing some kind of music for the night club, maybe that’s the driver way to avoiding talking to the passenger. Haha. Since no traffic at night so we can arrive at the hotel cheaper than we took MRT.

Third day

Madame Tussaud’s time!!! So far Indonesia does not have this museum, so it’s definitely on my wish list and so my sister’s. We came here early in the morning. Maksudnya sih biar masih sepi, tapi ternyata banyak orang yang berpikiran sama jadi tetep aja museumnya rame. Puas-puasin foto-foto sama semua patung yang ada, even sometime we’re not familiar with their face. If you think you can spend a short time in here, you can not. Cause you’re gonna need longer time, especially when you want to take a picture with Obama&Michelle or any other character where the photographer has been stand by to take the picture.

The best souvenir from the museum is having our hand waxed by them. Even though I have to pay extra money but I think this thing is quite cool to be put in my room. Since it’s a fragile, so I have to carry it carefully, meski agak ribet.

my own wax hand

Last destination on that day is visiting Pratunam area, such a heaven for shopaholic, you can find cheap clothes easily and your money will be gone in such a short time. To avoid the traffic during the day, I’m using the traditional boat to get to Pratunam. The pier was so hard to find but with only pay a few baht I’m arriving at Pratunam in less than 10 minutes! If you take the bus or MRT it could be take for 30 minutes.

traditional boat

Last day

I need to pack my bag and catching the flight to go back to Bandung. I choose a flight which has transit in Singapore for a few hours. So I can do a quick visit to Garden by the bay, my one and only destination. When I got there, I made my self walking on the bridge which only cost $5. Finally I conquer my fear of height. 15 minutes up there feel like an hour for me. It’s windy and the bridge keep shaking due to movement of the people, made me a little freak out but I came down in one piece. Lucky me everything went according to the schedule and I came back to the airport on time.

walking on the bridge at Garden by the bay

After this trip ended, I’m extremely sure that everything happened for a reason. My friend got a problem with the passport so I can have a holiday with my brother&sister which we never had before. Even though I was alone when I check in at the hotel but God send me a company so I won’t feel lonely. Thank you God..God’s scenario is the best and always do.


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