My first 10K

Actually I’m not really passionate about running. I do like it, I’m doing it once in a while. But I’m not crazy about it.  I think it is the easiest sport to do as well as the cheapest. I said cheapest because you can doing it anywhere and anytime you want, don’t have to join the sports club membership. All you need is ‘NIAT’ , willingness to do it, apalagi kalau larinya sendirian. But if you checked to the sports store you’re gonna drop your jaw when you know how much the running equipment is. Kaos dry fit (bukan yang abal-abal), legging yang terbuat dari material khusus untuk menopang kaki saat lari (rasanya beda banget sama legging biasa 40 rebuan), sepatu dengan sol empuk dan desain yang mencegah kaki cedera, juga additional accesories lainnya. This sport suddenly becoming one of the most expensive sports.

Anyway….since a few years ago, running becoming a new trend. Out of sudden people loves it, crazy about it and posted on social media when they joining a race, practicing, got a medal, bought a new shoes, using running apps, share the routes and so on. Include me! And so do u, rite? In such a short time many people held several types of race, 5K run, 10K run, half marathon, full marathon, vertical run, trail run, color run, night run, fun run, charity run, etc. One of many “happening” race at that time is #BAJAKJKT (Bajak Jakarta) which held by NIKE on Sunday, 15 December 2013.  

Dari sekian banyak lomba yang ada, I’ve never been joining any of it before, until one day I’ve been told to participate in #BajakJKT race. I did not register but something happened and I have to do the race in such a short notice, a week before the race. I repeat, A WEEK! It is a 10 K race and there’s nothing much to do for preparation. I don’t have the perfect shoes, the right outfit, I am in a good health but I never did even 5K run. My last run was a few months ago and it’s only 3 Kilometers top.  How could I finish with this one? Pasrah ajalah, if I passed out the medic team will be stand by, aren’t they?

suicide or super optimism?

I couldn’t sleep well the night before the race. The more I want to sleep the more I think about the race. Suddenly it’s 4 A.M and I have to get ready. Along with my brother and sister also thousands of participants, we’re standing by at the gate before the sun fully rising up, doing the warming up and here we go!

Before it started

We started to run from Senayan area heading to Sudirman, Semanggi-kawasan SCBD-Jalan Pattimura-Taman Mataram-Jalan Pattimura-Patung Pemuda Bundaran Senayan-Sudirman and ended at Jalan Pintu Gelora 1-Stadion Utama Gelora Bung Karno. In my 1st until 3rd kilometer I’m still doing good, still going with the same crowd. But after that I start to move slower and much slower in the following distance. I couldn’t see my brother and sister anymore. I didn’t know where they are. Once at a time they keep checking me by calling my phone just to make sure that I’m still on the race. Some of the people standing at the side of the street, cheering us up with different style. Lumayan juga jadi tambah semangat, padahal kenal juga engga, hihi. Lebih semangat lagi ketika di kejauhan udah keliatan water station, bagai fatamorgana di tengah gurun pasir. Rasanya ga pernah sebahagia itu liat air minum. Haha. At km 7….it’s getting harder and harder…I’m exhausted..harder to legs and feet really hurts, focusing my self to keep moving even my pace was equal to walk. Boro-boro nikmatin pemandangan kanan kiri, mata ini fokus mencari petunjuk kilometer selanjutnya. After dragging my self hardly finally I met with my sister and brother at km 9. Means 1 more kilo to go. They’ve been waiting for me for an hour and they’ve been taking a lot of picture here and there. Damn, I missed a lot of picture 😦

Spending the last kilometer together was much better than struggling alone in the previous distance. Apalagi ketika mulai memasuki pintu masuk GBK, sound effect of thousands of people cheering up sounds like real. As if they’ve been waiting for us inside the stadium and celebrating the victory. After the finish line, we’ve been provided with bananas and pocari sweat. Thanks God! That’s what I really need.

And so it is..I did my first 10 K. The first and the one and only so far (who know I might have another race in the future, hihi ). Even though it took more than 2 hours to finish it but I still did it without any help from the medical team. 🙂 Proud of my self! Never thought that I would ever do things like this. No matter how painful my legs are but it was such a great experience! I feel much happier when I saw my friend came with the pom-pom and the banner which she made by herself the night before to celebrate my first 10K. Thank you so much Adit for coming!! I heart you lah pokoknya :*

mtf_rFmuJ_171 (1).jpg

After the hardwork, I think I deserve a great gift. So we decide to have lunch at holycow dan habis dalam sekejap. Eating those meat has been recharged my energy and then me and my sister took the travel to going back to Bandung right away. The trip feels like longer than usual because my legs were in so much pain and I didn’t enjoy the trip at all. I couldn’t feel my legs!! Huhuhu. Luckily I came home safely.

I thought it was bad enough until the next morning and the pain won’t go away.Help!!

After the race

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