Weekend Getaway

I only have 12 days of annual leave, just like others, so I have to maximizing it. When you are craving for traveling, one of the trick is doing it starting on the weekend and finish by weekdays. But do not go during long weekend due to the price of the tickets, must be much more expensive. For me who only got a minimum of wages it is not suitable for me. Even though I do not have much money but I do always wants to go abroad. It might sounds fool and shallow but I do not care. Ha ha. In fact, for some countries it is cheaper to go abroad than going somewhere in Indonesia. Beside, my passport need a stamp so I prefer to go to Indonesia’s neighbor country. After I went to Bangkok in 2010, in the beginning of 2011 I found another promo ticket for BDO-KUL-BDO on April, the price is Rp. 515.000 nett. Quite cheap, isn’t it?

Still with the same travel mate, in 2011 we tried to go to 2 different countries one at a time, Malaysia and Singapore. Since we already bought the ticket which will be arrived and departed from Kuala Lumpur, so we only have a really short time in Singapore. We do not have any problem with that, we will not do a big shopping like what other Indonesian do at Singapore, we only want to have more stamp on our passport. :))

If you ask why only two of us doing this trip, it is because we thought the more people in our trip means the longer the wishlist to be, which could be annoying. They said, the more the merrier, I am kind of agree with that but not on this trip. Sounds selfish isn’t it? I just want a simple trip and having an easier discussion about what kind of place that we want to visit, how to get there, what kind of hotel that we will stay, and the most important is how much money that we will spend. Before you go with your travel mate, make sure that you’re sincerely agree on the itinerary. So, if something happened differently you will not blame it on your friend.

Right after we bought the ticket, we propose the annual leave to the boss. And the day that we’re waiting for is come..

We leave on Saturday morning, first flight, and arrived in KLIA around 1,5 hours later. We took a bus from the airport to KL sentral for about 45 minutes. The hotel that we booked is at Bukit Bintang area, so when we off the bus we took the LRT heading to Bukit Bintang station. We stayed at Paradiso Bed & Breakfast which located across the LRT station so it is easy to get anywhere. We only pay around Rp. 100.000 per night since we choose female dorm. If you wanna stay here you better book it online first, especially during weekend, mostly they were full booked. Even though we shared the facilities but it is very clean, safe and comfy. We also get a free healthy breakfast. By healthy I mean bread, fruit and cereal 🙂 It is highly recommended for backpacker traveler.

This pic was taken from the LRT station. Next to A&W, there’s a stair to the Paradiso Bed&Breakfast

Around noon, my friend who lives in KL came by and took us to Suria KLCC, one of the biggest mall at KL, to have lunch. For moslem like me, there’s no worries when it comes about food in Malaysia, because halal food is everywhere, not like in other country. But there’s no big difference between Indonesian food and Malaysian food, so there’s no special thing about the cuisine.

After that, we continue our journey to Batu cave, one of Hindu’s Temple in Malaysia. We took a bus from Puduraya (forgot which bus, but that bus were waiting for the passengers then we can leave). —From what I read recently, nowadays it is much easier to get there by KTM from Sentral Station only cost 4 RM, so if you wanna go there please find more info about it.– We took off the bus across the Batu cave then we spent few hours there. Taking lots of pictures, take a deep breath, gaining a strength to slowly climb the 272 stairs to reach to the cave while avoiding monkeys at the same time, dragging this legs to the top under the sun, catching a breath, and drinking lots of water when we found a seller up there. This is what happened when you are not doing exercise for a long time. When everyone else sees it as a simple thing to do, just like what they always do, for me and my friends it is an exhausted thing to do. We still looks fresh when we got there, but when we took pictures inside the cave (after the climb), the sweat were all over our face and even we give our best smile we can’t hide the feeling, it is fun though. The cave is so big, has a big hole at the top of it, not as spooky as I thought. Watching some people pray at the temple inside the cave while we break for awhile also enjoying the view from the top. Then we’re climbing down the stairs, this part is easy, then catching a bus before the last bus has passed us by.


That night we’re planning to take a night bus to the Singapore and having a very short trip there. The bus leaving from in front of Berjaya Times Square at 11 pm, cost 110 RM (two way trip), buy the ticket on the spot earlier that day. It is cheaper if we leave from KL and bought the ticket for two way trip than we bought separately in Singapore (due to their currency for Indonesian). There’s a little ticket box in front of the mall, under the train escalator, you might skip because there’s no board sign (at that time). The journey took 5-6 hours.

Not a nice pic but it is a nice bus that take me from KL to SG ,back and forth

By doing a night trip so we have to sleep in the bus, but it won’t be a good sleep because we have to getting off of the bus to report to the immigration counter at the border. The good thing is, since it is around 3 or 4 a.m in the morning, there’s no queuing to get the stamp, that place looks so big cause there’s only the passenger of our bus and several officer. It was so quiet, and we only need less than 10 minutes to pass the border and going back to the bus. Same thing happened in Singapore’s immigration border, yeay! If you have came here during daylight you might know how busy this place is.

Day 2

No traffic, empty border, we’re arrived at the pool (Golden Mile Complex) on 4.30 am. Too early to start the day. Have no where to go at that time, even the MRT has not start operated yet. All we know is the nearest MRT station is lavender but we don’t know which way we have to go. We do not have any map and no google maps. So we just sit for a while at the bus stop, still dark, waiting for the sun come up. Little bit tired but we’re so excited to explore the city that day.

Finally we found a way to the nearest MRT station. Our first stop is Merlion. When we got there, what a surprise that the merlion statue has changing into a hotel! There’s no more fountain from its mouth! It is not a real hotel though, only temporary, but we allow to see the merlion head as the part of the decoration. We have to queue before we getting in, and have limited time inside the hotel. I do enjoying the interior design of the hotel. So luxurious, they even have a bath tub facing Marina Bay Hotel.Lucky us to have this kind of chance. I never heard this hotel pop up like that ever again. For more info and much better picture, please googling it by yourself 🙂

Next stop is Marina Bay Sands Hotel. The newest hotel in town at that time also the biggest hotel in Singapore. The design is so unique, it has an infinity pool at the top as their signature. I think that is the best spot. But I will not stay here. Ya iyalah, secara harga per malemnya aja starting from SGD459 , mau bayar pake duit siapa coba ?hehe..The only thing that I can do is visit their sky park.

To be honest, I am a little bit afraid of heights, but seeing the panorama from here is really-really worth it. Admiring the evolution of Singapore’s building, seeing it from the top, so beautiful! It is a place that you have to visit when you’re in Singapore. I do really enjoy every single second of it. Hopefully next time I visit here I will come as their guest hotel so I can swim at their infinity pool.

Few hours later, we’re heading to Orchard to have lunch and get 1 dollar ice cream. Spent few hours exploring orchard and last stop before we’re going back to KL is Mustafa Center in Little India to buy a few things then we’re ready to get some rest in the bus.

Day 3

Next day, our mission is shopping at IKEA Damansara. Enjoying the empty train in the morning from KL Sentral Station. As an Indonesian, one of the thing that missing from my own country is the cleanliness of the public space. Jadi rasanya sangat menyenangkan ketika melihat fasilitas publik di luar negeri dalam keadaan yang sangat-sangat bersih. So far saya cuma bandingin sama KL dan Singapur doang, even I heard ada yang jauh lebih parah dari Indonesia. Liat tempatnya bersih gitu kan jadi ga enak yah kalo mau ngotorin. Kalopun ada yang buang sampah sembarangan atau bikin kotor, 90% I am sure that he/she is an Indonesian. Ha ha. Maklum, kebiasaan yang agak sulit dibuang untuk sebagian orang. It is ironic, but that’s the fact.

KL Sentral in the morning, empty and very clean!!

It took awhile until we finally arrived at IKEA. It is like adults’ playground. Rela banget ngabisin waktu berjam-jam disini walau cuma buat window shopping. Seandainya punya banyak duit sih ga perlu pusing yah milih barang mana yang mau dibeli, yang bikin pusing adalah ketika hasrat untuk membeli barang berbanding terbalik dengan situasi dompet. Jadi sampe butuh waktu berjam-jam untuk memutuskan apakah bener-bener butuh barang itu sampe harus banget dibeli disini, terus kalaupun pada akhirnya memutuskan untuk beli, nanti bawa pulangnya gimana biar ga ribet. The decision finally made after we have IKEA’s signature meatballs for lunch. I decide to buy a knock down wardrobe and other small things. This wardrobe is killing me. Ribet banget bawanya tapi karena udah naksir berat dan emang butuh, I’ll do anything to bring it back to my place safe and sound.

We spent almost 6 hours there, macam emak-emak yang mau ngeborong banyak barang buat menata rumahnya, padahal punya rumah sendiri juga belum. Mungkin karena efek dulu IKEA belum ada di Jakarta jadinya kita ga mau melewatkan sesuatu. Jangan sampe nyesel ga jadi beli atau sampe kepikiran pas udah pulang ke Bandung, jadi kita bolak-balik tiada henti. Just want to make sure we’re going home in peace. 🙂

After we take a break for awhile at the hotel, we’re visiting KL’s china town, looking for something to eat dan beli oleh-oleh di Pasar Seni. Nothing unique about this place, not really crowded too. While we’re going back to the hotel, we enjoying the view of Twin Tower at night.

Day 4

This is our last day. At that morning, it is time for photo shoot in front of Twin Tower! Thanks to the tripod, so we both could be in the same picture. Saat itu belum musim yang namanya tongsis apalagi go pro atau action cam lainnya. Jadi tripod saat itu sangat-sangat berguna dalam menghasilkan ratusan foto tiap kali kita trip. Daripada saling foto atau minta tolong orang yang hasilnya belum tentu seperti yang diharapkan, the best solution is bring your own tripod. I love my tripod ! :*

No tongsis, only tripod 🙂

After twin tower, we went to pavillion only for window shopping. Sempet beli permen lucu dan unik yang bentuknya macem-macem, yang sekarang udah masuk juga di Indonesia. Perburuan terakhir adalah, looking for VINCCI’s shop and hunt their cheap shoes. In such a short time we succeed to bring a few boxes, watches, glasses and other accessories. Yeay !

Last stop is snowflake, semacam cafe yang menyediakan dessert campuran es krim dan macem-macem makanan ( kaya Hongtang masa kini lah). Makanannya sih biasa aja, yang unik adalah benda yang terpampang di foto bawah. They called it “Beeping UFO”. So, after we order they will give it to us then we wait on our seat. They don’t have a waiter to bring the order. As they mention on the device, the beeping UFO is part of their wonderful alien technology which allows us to chill out while they’re making the order. When the baby UFO starts vibrating and flashing, that means it’s ready and we have to go to the collection counter to bring the order. Jadi ga ada yang teriak-teriak manggilin nomor urut atau nama pemesan sebagai tanda untuk ambil makanan. Lucu juga nih kalau mau ditiru. So far rasanya belum nemu tempat yang pake alat serupa disini (atau mungkin saya kurang gaul). But back then in 2011 it is very unique.

Beeping UFO

After our tummy is full, it’s time for last packing. With additional boxes after we shopped earlier that morning, we have to re-arrange our luggage. We hope it won’t make us pay for additional baggage. *fingercrossed* We decide to use LRT and bus to the airport. We only have limited Ringgit left, caused by sale on VNC that morning, so there’s no way we could afford taxi. Even though we bring lots of luggage, kinda hustle with it but finally we did it. Yeay ! Another pat on the back moment when we’re touch down Bandung again, ready to unpack and wear our new VNC’s collection 🙂



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