Last Minute Trip

Dulu, yang namanya liburan ke luar negeri rasanya cuma bakal ada di awang-awang doang. Gimana bisa liburan, liat duit di tabungan rasanya ga pernah jutaan..keisi dikit pasti diambil, so holiday is totally out of my plan, but I’ve been dreaming it for so long, and finally I did it. The first country that i ever... Continue Reading →


Bangkok Trip #1

This story actually already published through my facebook page, but now I add little bit more info. So, back in 2010 , me and my best friend were planning to go on vacation abroad. Only two of us. The destination will based on the availability of the airplane ticket. By availability we mean the cheapest... Continue Reading →

Hi There!

Finally, I have a gut to publish things through my own website. After so long I have been thinking,  and might overthinking about unnecessary things (like what we usually do, isn't it?), here I am. I have a box consist of my diary books since I was a teenager, perhaps. It's show that I do... Continue Reading →

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